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Corporate CapitalOrganization &
team development

The people are the heart of your company.

Your employees are considered to be the company’s great capital. With With their commitment, expertise, and ingenuity, they contribute significantly to success and failure.

Based on the corporate strategy, it is necessary to design suitable structures for the operational and organizational structure of your company. This also includes the critical questioning and redesigning of many existing work processes.

Recognizing POTENTIALS


Recognize change as an opportunity

PPV Consulting accompanies you with a three-stage process consisting of analysis, redesign, and implementation.

However, unexpected obstacles often arise in the course of a change in the company due to a lack of support from managers, disappointing personal expectations or the lack of employee involvement. We support your change management with fixed models to steer difficult changes in positive directions.

Performance Measurement and Performance Management

  • Benchmarking
  • Development of key figures
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Activity Based Management
  • Management information systems
  • Risk management
  • Supply Chain Management

Development of employees and managers

Conflict consulting

Optimization of work processes

Performance Measurement and Management

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Copyright by PPV-Consulting. All rights reserved.
Designed Graphic Design Mag. – (FH)  Lea Seidl

Copyright by PPV-Consulting. All rights reserved.
Designed Graphic Design Mag. – (FH) Lea Seidl

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